I am not sure if this is going to be fun to read but I’ll try. Well I am not a peoples pleaser so its ok with me if this maiden post does not go down well with you. I love writing but I’ve been quite lazy to start blogging. Blame it of Facebook.It’s easy to just type and dump your writing on your wall for people to like and comment on.

Blogging however is for a selected few, people who enjoy reading without telling. smart people I think. So now as the year ends I have something to celebrate. The birth of ‘a Tachoni girl’. You are probably wondering what the hell ‘tachoni’ is. Ha! Its a tribe. My tribe. A little known tribe that draws its roots from the Kalenjin and is assimilated by the Luhya (explains why we are good with different languages) I speak 5  for the record.

I hope you get to enjoy my writing. Laugh,comment and recommend a read or two to a friend.

Your truly,

A Tachoni  girl.



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