Ten Ways To Make Yourself Very Miserable (Stop Doing Them)

With the year almost coming to a close,many of us are working on their new year resolutions.Funny how by the end of the first week of January those resolutions will be as good as never made. We go back to our everyday ‘hustler’ spirit and the resolutions become no different from wishes. Leo Tolstoy once said “If you want to be happy,be.”  Many people however seem to enjoy leading miserable lives.They console themselves with the words of fellow losers that life is hard. They fail to find sense in Leo’s words.

I recently came across an old magazine that had quite an interesting article by Angela Gray on how we make ourselves miserable. I just had to share.



  1. Always look on the dark side of life.-See the rain instead of the rainbow,the glass as half empty rather than half full,changing circumstances as disasters rather than opportunities and your negativity will remain safely intact.
  2. Eat unhealthily.-  Forget about eating breakfast and miss that all important boost in energy and brain power.Eat your main meal at night so that your body stores weight while you sleep.Forget to eat plenty of fish ,fruit and fiber and you’ll soon regard that sluggish lethargic feeling as perfectly normal.
  3. Spend more than you can afford.- Always spending more than you can afford will keep your credit card company and bank manager happy while guaranteeing those familiar monthly headaches as you attempt to juggle your finances. This is also an excellent way of inducing anger in your spouse and therefore maintaining discord and distance between you.
  4. Adopt the “what’s the world coming to?” syndrome.- So easy to do,all you have to do here is to read the papers and watch the news,keeping a particular eye out for the most depressing story of the day.Then simply tell everyone you speak to about this event,saying hoe awful it is,how life dint use to be like this and finish by shaking your head,sighing and uttering that time honored phrase,”I really don’t know what the worlds coming to!” you can then leave the other person safe in the knowledge that they are now feeling very miserable indeed!
  5. Stay home alone.- Give up any social life and you are certain not to have to meet those annoyingly happy people who cant help but make you wonder if you might be missing out on something.
  6. Ignore your appearance.- Make sure your unhappiness remains intact by deliberately ‘forgetting’ to bother about your appearance. Wear your darkest and tattiest clothes and give yourself even more time to concentrate on being miserable by not bothering to wash,shave or do your hair.
  7. Play the victim.- Convince yourself that no one can possibly understand how you feel,that you are helpless to alter your life,that all your difficulties are caused by other people and draw comfort that although its hard being poor at least you know where you stand.
  8. Have no faith.- Remain steadfast in your refusal to believe that people with spiritual faith are happier,more optimistic,less likely to have high blood pressure or to suffer from stress than non believers.
  9. Hit the bottle.-Increased quantities of alcohol may (temporarily) numb both physical and emotional pain but is also very effective for depriving our bodies of essential nutrients,encouraging depression ,disrupting sleep patterns,reducing bank balances and playing havoc with the quality of our relationships.
  10. Focus on what you don’t have.- Focus on other peoples status possessions appearances and so on until you convince yourself that ‘everyone else’ has a happier healthier and much better  life than you do.This is an excellent way to ensure that you never have to experience that feeling of inner contentment and happiness which evolves from simply knowing that your life is actually pretty good after all.

As we begin a new year, friends lets not give up or forget our resolutions, and end up miserable. In my opinion, resolutions are meant to make life easier, better and less stressful for resolutions mean change and change is good.

Enjoy your holidays!



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