Things I Hate

You’ll agree with me that everyone has something they hate ,something they loath, something or someone they can’t stand. Even God does (I read the psalmist). A few days ago I sat next to someone somewhere and the sight of her nails inspired my writing today. I hate a lot of things and people too. I have no problem with the fact that I hate some things but the fact that I hate some people makes my journey to heaven such a hustle. Anyways we all have things we struggle with to be good Christians and there is mine.

Five little things I hate the most:

  1. Carrying  ones phone and handkerchief in the same hand.
  2. Keeping long nails.
  3. Rumour mongering.
  4. Narcissism
  5. Stupid men.

Carrying  ones phone and handkerchief in the same hand-It is the most disgusting feeling for me to have someone great me with a clammy palm.. A small cheap phone in one hand (cheap because 90% of the time it has a cracked screen),a handkerchief in another and sometimes very very cheap lip balm in that same hand. If that doesn’t disgust you, I don’t know what does. Do these women and girls know that with a cheap purse they would be a lesser eye-soring image. This is the problem of being down to earth; you rub shoulders with humans of all kinds and you have to live with being disgusted because you are a Christian.

Keeping long nails-Humans who keep long nails in my view, have a mental disorder. We are not animals; we don’t need  nails for delving into the flesh of prey. We do not! Why on earth do these people keep long nails? Well, it’s disgusting. Imagine nicely made food but the hands that made them are of a woman or man with long nails… Would you eat that? I wouldn’t ,I don’t care how well cleaned her hands were but I wouldn’t. Long nails are equal to poor hygiene for me and my  food and bad hygiene do not go together.

Still on nails. Manicure. Dear reader, if you cannot afford gel nail not have anything on your nails even if you don’t do manual work. Unless you are sure you can do your nails daily, Just stay natural, you never go wrong when keeping it natural. Ever seen what the nails look like with chipped nail varnish? And its worse when the polish was a primary colour. It is a picture you cannot afford to have if you consider yourself a lady.

Image result for dirty nails



Rumour mongering.The business of spreading rumors has never been on my list of trades. Recently I got a call from a friend who had heard something about me and called to inform me. He knows me well so he knew what he heard could not be true. Some loose mouth was informing him that I have a child, that he saw me with a child in a picture on Facebook. You can’t imagine how pissed I was though I pretended to laugh it but secretly wished to know who it was so I could slap them when I met them next. A child?? Really? How? When I can’t even find a boyfriend let alone a husband.Story for another day That’s how people  jinx other people’s luck. If they say I have a child now will I ever have one?

Narcissism-Ever read the Greek myth of Narcissus, a beautiful young man who fell in love with his reflection in a pool and when he died he changed into a flower that bore his name? There are people in this word who imagine everyone looks at their shoes, their clothes and their everything when walking the streets. They’ll piss you off with comments about how they look and about how much their cheap watches cost. They are also wet blankets who never see good in other people. They are the people who will say its silly to buy a car when you have no piece of land but expect you to give them a ride to town. The height of stupidity if you ask me.

Stupid men. A  stupid man is one who imagines all women love for  money, who believes a woman with property got it from a man, who intends to marry a virgin but he himself isn’t, who feels intimidated by a strong woman and one who cannot divorce tribe from politics. I cannot stand a stupid man. I cannot even bring myself to talk to a stupid man. Lucky for me, I can smell them from a mile away. How I loathe stupid men..

Not all women love for money. Its only those who consciously and voluntarily dropped out of school to find men to cater for them, who were not raised well and who don’t respect themselves. So when you as a man choses that kind of woman, do not generalize your findings. Do we decent women a favor.

If you are the kind of man who feels or gets intimidated by a strong woman then stick to your lane. Date and marry your shallow woman and then shut the F**k up. Don’t talk about other women. Don’t try to be topper in arguments with them either. Sit with your woman and talk about food and about how you’ll get her that 5000/=  Shilling smart  phone and how you’ll move her to a better rental house in a flat in Githurai.

If you are a man who has slept with half the women in your county, well, you’ve got no business talking about how there are no virgins left in the world and about how you have to Marry a virgin because that is stupid. very stupid. I mean who do you think you are? You mess people’s children then hope to get angels? Damn!… and these same ones have no shame when they say “everyone is doing it” ha! What a way to console oneself. There still are people who respect God and themselves. Believe it or not, its a fact and you thinking that it is not possible does not change the fact that it’s a fact.

I know a man who thinks every Luo is a member of CORD and every  Luo worships Raila and that’s because he supports the opposite of CORD and therefore fails to see the log in his eyes.(and vice versa) Truly  as a man thinketh so is he. Just because you worship Arap mashamba  for being your tribes man, it doesn’t mean other people worship his political rival for the same reason.(and vice versa) Though I feel the two are at very different leagues.Baba is a god and Yule Jamaa is…I can’t find a word.Tell me that’s not the depth of mediocrity and I’ll enter you into my book of liars. Its veeeeery annoying to argue politics with such a mango head.

Having aired my side, I’d love to hear what it is that you hate. Maybe you can help me stop doing things you hate. Thanks for stopping by!



5 thoughts on “Things I Hate

  1. Rob says:

    That picture of those nails got my attention lol. I hate people talking with their mouths full, sneezing without covering up, soggy bread, warm milk, tv commercials, people who interrupt, slow internet connections. Thats about it for now. Used to be a lot longer list before I got sober

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