Busy Brother

Had I known,

That as we age

we’d grow apart,

I would have

Spent more time with you.


I would have followed you

To the park

where you played football

with the estate boys.

I would have cheered you with my

imaginary  cheering squad.

Image result for picture of a sister and a brother black


I would have run behind you

As you rode your self-made toy car

Those days when you were 8 and I 6.

Without getting tired and bored

I would have.


Had I known

we’d spend months

without talking

I would have brought up

conversations and debates,

We would talk, argue, laugh

And make memories…


But its too late now,

We are busy building the nation

And breaking our bond.

We’ve grown too wide


I hardly even know you

My Brother.


Had I known,

I would have

let you have my  lunch

As well.

For now I get no chance

to even share a meal with you.


Had I known

I would have followed you

To church youth meetings

And just sat there by your side

When you were 14 and I 12.











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